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Privacy Statement

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Privacy Policy

Business Creation hereby declares its promise to protect the privacy of its users.As the scope of our services expands, we will update our privacy statement at any time.We welcome you to view the privacy statement at any time.

Business Creation Network attaches great importance to the protection of users'privacy. Users' personal data such as mail and mobile phone number are important privacy for users. This site promises not to use personal data for other purposes. It promises not to rent or sell users'personal data to any third party without user's permission, except in the following cases:

A. Users agree to let third parties share data;

B. Users agree to make their personal data public in order to enjoy products and services;

C. This site has found that users have violated the terms of service or other regulations for the use of this site.


Business network users can protect their accounts and data security by setting passwords.Users shall be fully responsible for the confidentiality of their passwords.Please do not share this information with others.If you are using a public computer, quit the business when you leave the computer to ensure that your information is not available to subsequent users.

Terms of Service Description

Users who accept the business network are also bound by the user agreement of this site.

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